New Directions in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization

A Conference Honoring the 65th Birthday of William T. Trotter
May 5-9, 2008


Invited Speakers
Imre Barany Jeffry Kahn Paul Seymour
Bela Bollobas Hal Kierstead Miklos Simonovits
Graham Brightwell Dan KleitmanJoel Spencer
Maria Chudnovsky Alexandr Kostochka Angelika Steger
William Cook Jan Kratochvil Benny Sudakov
Stefan Felsner Dhruv Mubayi Endre Szemeredi
Zoltan Furedi Jaroslav Nesetril Jacques Verstraete
Fan Chung Graham Janos Pach Van Vu
Jerrold Griggs Michael Saks Douglas West
Penny Haxell Carla Savage Peter Winkler
Kamal Jain


The conference took place in the heart of the Georgia Tech campus in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building. The central theme of this conference was combinatorics and its applications in theoretical computer science and operations research, and it honored the 65th birthday of William T. Trotter.

Please follow the links below for archived conference materials, including lecture slides and problems presented at the problem session.

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