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Final doctoral examination and defense of dissertation of Chinmay Karande

Title: Algorithms and Mechanism Design for Multi-Agent Systems

Time: Monday, September 13th, 4:00pm
Location: Klaus Conference Room 3100
Advisor: Prof. Vijay Vazirani, College of Computing
Committee: Prof. Robin Thomas, School of Mathematics
Prof. William Cook, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Prof. Eric Vigoda, College of Computing
Prof. Maria-Florina Balcan, College of Computing
Reader: Prof. Maria-Florina Balcan, College of Computing


A scenario where multiple entities interact with a common environment to achieve individual and common goals can be classified as a Multi-Agent System, e.g., the Internet. We study natural mathematical models of optimization problems faced in such systems by companies such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. We provide approximation algorithms, online algorithms and hardness of approximation results for these problems.

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