Adam Marcus invited to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians

ACO alumnus Adam Marcus (PhD 08) will be one of the invited section speakers at the next International Congress of Mathematicians, to be held in Seoul, Korea, August 13-21, 2014.

The International Congress of Mathematicians takes place every four years with over 4,000 mathematicians from all continents in attendance. The program consists of about 20 plenary one-hour lectures, about 160 invited 45-minute lectures held in 19 sections, contributed lectures, prize ceremonies and other events. The Congress is run by the International Mathematical Union, and is planned years in advance. The speakers are carefully selected by many committees, following a rigorous and lengthy process. Thus it is a significant honor to receive an invitation to speak at the Congress.

Adam's talk will be jointly in Section 8: Analysis and its Applications and Section 13: Combinatorics, and will be joint with his coauthors Daniel A. Spielman and Nikhil Srivastava.

It turns out that this will be the third Congress in a row with at least one of the invited speakers affiliated with the ACO Program.