Research Program

MResearch areas being investigated by faculty of the ACO Program include such topics as

  • structural and topological graph theory
  • coloring problems (including the Four Color Theorem)
  • paths, cycles and flows in graphs
  • probabilistic methods in combinatorics
  • probability on graphs
  • algebraic combinatorics
  • computational algebra and geometry
  • distributed computing
  • algorithm complexity
  • the design and analysis of algorithms
  • approximation algorithms
  • algorithmic problems in coding theory
  • fault-tolerant computing
  • voting theory
  • airline crew and fleet scheduling
  • parallel computation
  • interior point methods in mathematical optimization
  • the geometry of convex bodies
  • machine learning theory
  • other related areas

For more information, you may look at the personal Web pages of ACO affiliated faculty members.

Seminars and Colloquia

The ACO Program sponsors a Colloquium Series which brings visiting speakers to the campus, and the participating departments hold weekly research seminars in areas such as Combinatorics and Theory of Computing. The individual departments also host a number of visiting faculty members each year in subjects related to the program.

Please have a look at the ACO-related events page for more information about past and upcoming events.